from the client...


So i want to apply the logo to a number of things, including a website, business cards and things like posters , letter heads etc.

The company (although its not strictly a company) is called machgte fuhl (a German word meaning freedom of will) i think the logo should basically be this word. 

The website will be an online portfolio of different artists with a lot of scope to expand .. (things like open briefs, online crits, online shows, etc)

The website will also run in tandem with a monthly event i am planning on putting on under the guise of 'Machgtefuhl'. The main aim of this event will be to promote interesting participatory projects / events going on and to give a social basis for getting involved with them or engage with specific subject areas. Again i hope to develop this event  in a number of ways and will hopefully use the website to feed into this. 

So with all that in mind. id like something that is clear , elegant yet simple perhaps it a has unique typography, im also using the word to give the company and the stuff it supports /devises an air of anonymity and mystery -  so perhaps this could be reflected in the design.

I also quite like the idea of each inception of the design being unique.. for example a subtle change in the colour of one letter on the business cards, so that there all slightly different this also reflects (hopefully) the nature of and scope of the different things Machgtefuhl will promote, devise / represent.

If this is all still a bit non specific then lets meet up and i can explain more in depth. would you be up for doing the design?